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Resource Business Model: A very powerful tool that models a business around the four key business resources, Customers, Associates , Vendors and Production Equipment.

Financial Business Review: This review will focus on your business operations financial performance. This non-Gaap direct cost approach at your financial/operating performance is much more effective at identifying operational improvements. The balance sheet review focus is on working capital/debt structure.

Financial Modeling: The "Goals & Controls" program is a comprehensive business management, planning and forecasting tool.

Cash Management Tools: Development of cash forecasting and cash flash reports.

Activity Based Business Modeling: This process models your business along what drives the actives (costs) in your business. Will determine the primary and secondary drivers in your company and identify if they behave as variable or fixed. Will determine if your organizational structure is flowing with your business activities.

Job Estimating System: Design & Implementation of customized estimating tools.

Business Metrics: Define, design and Implement key management metrics.

Labor Productivity Analysis: Assessment of the how labor is being utilized within the company. Match labor needs with business volumes and requirements.

Business Investment Review: Review various elements of the business, sales organization, equipment purchases, administration efforts to assess returns on investments.

Incentive Systems for Associates: Designed to tie employees efforts into improved operating performance.

Acquisition and Due Diligence: Providing acquisition and due diligence analysis for acquirers of manufacturing companies.

Integration Management: Planning and Integration of acquisitions.

Grants: Assist in obtaining grants and government assistance.

Education: Training for non-financial managers in interpreting financial information.

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