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Bardol & Company has developed a stepped approached to working with companies in Crisis. This approach is designed to quickly identify key weaknesses in the organization and map an improvement plan.

With over thirty years of experience working with distressed manufacturing companies as a Controller, CFO and consultant. Bardol & Company has saved 21 companies and 1,300 jobs working with the SEWN program. We have worked on three turnaround engagements with Citi-group venture capital group and been part of management teams in two successful turnarounds.

The Process

STEP ONE: Business Resource Review:
The Operations piece of the process is designed to review how the company uses their critical operating business resources. Customers, Products, People, Capital Assets and Vendors.

The Financial review of the process is designed to review how the business manages "CASH", and accesses financial results using a direct cost approach.

STEP TWO: Action Plan
-Business restructuring
-Identify cost reductions
-Financial restructuring
-Financing sources

STEP THREE: Develop a comprehensive financial/forecasting model which will include:
-Income Statement
-Balance sheet
-Cash flow
-Bank covenant calculations
-Break-even model
-Cash Cycle cash flow analysis

STEP FOUR: Monitoring of Business
-Development of key metrics
-Daily cash reporting
-Daily sales and bookings reporting

These services may qualify for SEWN.

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